What is Duke’s Virginia Lacrosse?

Duke’s Virginia is an affiliate of Duke’s Lacrosse Club of Philadelphia, PA.  Duke’s Virginia is an educational, training, competition, development and recruitment assistance pipeline for players of all skill levels with components such as clinics, practices, travel/select teams, and showcase / recruitment opportunities.

Who runs Duke’s Lacrosse?

See our Coaches and Board Members on the website.  Duke’s Virginia Sports is a new Virginia incorporation through the Virginia State Corporation Commission, which is comprised of a board of director’s, volunteer committees, and other associates.

Who can play for Duke’s Virginia? Can I play for Duke’s if I’m already on a travel team?

Any boys youth lacrosse player from ages U7 to U19 who qualify for the age requirement of a given Duke’s activity such as a clinic, team, or tournament.  Duke’s is seeking the most dedicated competition players who are seeking elite competition.  Scheduling conflicts between Duke’s and other travel teams are a common issue with players who desire to play for more than one program.  In the event of a scheduling conflict, Duke’s expects players to participate in the Duke’s activity.

Are Duke’s Coaches Trained?

Duke’s is committed to raising the lacrosse education environment.  Duke’s only employs collegiate lacrosse athletes from accredited collegiate team rosters.

Does Duke’s conflict with my recreational team? Do I have to quit my recreational team to play Duke’s?

Absolutely not, Duke’s wants players participating in community lacrosse programs so they can share their Duke’s experiences with others.  Duke’s is seeking to work with Virginia recreational and other programs through mutually cooperative relationships.  Duke’s wants to communicate with programs to identify players and help families who want to grow with the sport of lacrosse through alternative education and competition opportunities.

Is Duke’s an All-Star Team?

Duke’s is a training, competition and recruitment program, which has training and competition opportunities at every age group.  A player of any skill level can attend Duke’s training clinics or practices.  However, Duke’s highlights its ability to offer highly unique elite training and competition opportunities for players exhibiting high skill levels and dedication.

What is Duke’s Nationals?

Duke’s Nationals is a Duke’s elite team based in Philadelphia, which selects the most qualified players from the various Duke’s regional organizations.  Duke’s National Teams at each age group represent the Duke’s organization in ultra-elite competition environments such as those offered by the Passport Alliance Tournament Organization.  Any Duke’s Virginia player can attend and qualify for Duke’s National Training and Competition Programs based on performance and personal motivation.

What are the general costs to play for Duke’s?

Duke’s Virginia will be highly competitive against the current market standard for youth lacrosse costs.  Also, Duke’s offers partial and full scholarship opportunities for select players who demonstrate a love for the game and academic effort.  There are two types of costs at Duke’s: 1) General costs which help the program pay for basic requirements such as field rental, practice coaching fees, equipment updates, travel, marketing, and other associated program costs and 2) Player Specific Costs such as tournament registration fees, uniforms and tournament coaching costs.

If I register my player for Duke’s do we have to do every event?

No.  Duke’s Virginia is inclusive and not an exclusive program.  Duke’s understands the scheduling burdens families face and encourages families to come and participate in the programs that are right for them.  However, athletes who wish to participate in highly competitive Duke’s programs should expect to invest more time.

If my son plays for Duke’s will he be recruited for college?

It depends on the player and family.  The Duke’s Pipeline represents a vast network of players, coaches, volunteers, and others who love lacrosse and have participated at the collegiate level.  This network is an invaluable resource for aspiring collegiate players for information and recruitment assistance.  Duke’s players will be evaluated in Duke’s training and competition environments by Duke’s pipeline coaches.  Duke’s attempts to identify the players with the appropriate skills, abilities, and attitude for collegiate recruitment assistance.