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Duke’s will provide a fun, developmental, and exciting experience to each player with an emphasis on personal development, lacrosse learning and teamwork. We will focus on individual skills, team concepts, and lessons of competition. Duke’s will give back to our community through lacrosse education as directors, volunteers, coaches, and players.

DUKE’S COLLEGE DEVELOPMENT AND RECRUITMENT Duke’s is dedicated to the development and placement of lacrosse student-athletes to the collegiate level. Duke’s offers the most elite competition opportunities available anywhere through membership in the Passport Alliance Showcase Organization and recruitment by NCAA Division I, II, III Lacrosse Programs for those families and players dedicated to the next level of competition.

DUKE’S PERSONA “NO HEADS DOWN…EVER!” Duke’s Virginia players will learn that positivity and work ethic are keys to meeting their potential. Duke’s will be a mentally and physically tough organization with a reputation for personal excellence and respect for the game



Steve Mason



Greg Warren



Michael Hager


James Mahan

Jack Warren

Bill Engle



Virginia Cup 2019 Varsity Highlights

Virginia Cup 2019 JV Highlights